Alicia Leigh Willis vs Courtney Quartermaine
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How’s your love life?
ALICIA: My life is very good. I have a wonderful boyfriend who I love very much. Mike is the love of my life. He works for a surf company and a skate-boarding company.
COURTNEY: We all know that Courtney’s love life is a little complicated. She’s a hopeless romantic who’s willing to do anything for whoever she loves. That’s gotten her into a lot of trouble.

What would you do if you won the lottery?
ALICIA: I would probably buy a place in Costa Rica, maybe come back every once in a while to make a movie.
COURTNEY: If she won the lottery, she would support A.J. for the rest of his life.

Are you a good athlete?
ALICIA: I am. I play every sport that you could possibly think of.
COURTNEY: She doesn’t seem like one. Maybe she goes to the gym. But I don’t see her going out and playing sports.

My life would be much less complicated if…
ALICIA: … I didn’t stress out so much. I stress out about everything and anything. I’m the biggest stress case in the world. Everyone tells me I need to relax.
COURTNEY: … she would think things through before she did them. She acts before she thinks.

How would you describe yourself?
ALICIA: I’m very mellow – besides the stressing-out-thing – and very calm. I’m pretty quiet most of the time. I think I get along with people really well, for the most part.
COURTNEY: She’s a little naive at times, more than I am. But she’s strong-willed. Deep down, she’s a good person.

What makes you laugh?
ALICIA: I have a really sick sense of humor. I’ve hung out with guys my whole life. All my friends are guys. My sense of humor is twisted.
COURTNEY: Spending time with A.J. used to lighten her mood a lot. Nowadays, nothing does it for her.

What annoys you more than anything in the world?
ALICIA: Traffic. I live an hour away from work, sometimes two hours in traffic. There’s nothing like traffic to be put in a bad mood.
COURTNEY: Edward Quartermaine!