General Hospital
Alicia Leigh Willis
(Courtney Quartermaine)
Laguna Beach High School, Laguna Beach, CA

How did you like high school?
“I didn’t love high school very much. I liked playing all of my sports and stuff, but I was ready to graduate the second I started [laughs].”

Were you in a clique?
“I hated cliques, so I was kind of friends with whoever. It was so funny because I never went to any of the parties, never really hung out with a lot of the kids from school, except for my guy friends, and then I ended up getting nominated for homecoming princess and got ‘best’ this and and that in the yearbook. I’m like, “Oh, my God – I thought everyone hated me [laughs].’ I was just nice to everybody, and than I was probably mean to the girls who were in the cliques.”

What was your high-school fashion style?
“Jeans and a T-shirt, hair up, no makeup – every day. I never dressed up for school. I was such a tomboy. I still am.”

Best and least favorite subjects?
“My least favorite was science. I just didn’t get it. My favorite was photography class. I was really into photography. I loved that.”

Do you still keep in touch with classmates?
“Some, I see a lot of guys who I went to high school with because they’re all in the same business that my boyfriend is in.”

What do they think about you being on a soap?
“They think it’s funny. They always give me crap. They make fun of me and joke around. But I think they’re all proud of me. I think they’re happy for me.”

Favorite extracurricular activities?
“Snowboarding, soccer – just sports.”

Oh, What A Night!
“They do this thing were, if you get nominated as a homecoming princess, the class under you comes and kidnaps you in your pajamas. I’m not a morning person and I didn’t know this. I never thought in a million years that I would be nominated as a homecoming princess. So, when they woke me up with all these people screaming with noisemakers and everything, I thought they were playing a joke on me. And I was like, “Get out of my room! What the hell are you doing in my room?’ They all had this shocked look on their faces like, ‘Oh, my God – she’s going to kills us [laughs]!’ And then I felt really bad afterward when they told me I was nominated as a princess. I’m like, ‘Great.'”

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