Hello Dolly
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Carly and Courtney frequently bond over their similar issues involving the violent lives of the men they love. But off camera, their respective portrayers. Tamara Braun and Alicia Leigh Willis, share a somewhat “aggressive” past of their own. Growing up, both took out their hostilities on those smaller than they… their Barbie dolls! “I shaved their heads, put them in dye and put pins in them. I was sick.” laughs Bruan. Wills can up that ante: “I would actually burn my sister’s Barbie dolls. I’d burn their legs!” says the self-proclaimed surfer girl, adding that she was a tomboy who spent her teen years at the beach. While Willis could always be found knee deep in surf or sand, Braun says she could usually be found if you looked up. “I’d climb trees and play in the dirt. I was big dork. Stringy, surly, knotted, snarled-up hair. I always had dirt on my face.” They may have spent their childhoods grubby, but they certainly have cleaned up nicely!