Alicia Leigh Willis (Courtney, General Hospital)
Take Five

If you weren’t an actor, you’d be…
“I would be a photographer and living in a different country. I’d probably live in Costa Rica, have a surf camp and do photography on the side – something really far away from Hollywood.”

What makes you see red?

What one word describes you life right now?
“It sounds cheesy, but happiness. I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I’ve got a great boyfriend, I love my job and everything’s good.”

What childhood memory makes you smile?
“When I was little, I was always trying to make a buck. I was always setting up lemonade stands, and we have this picture of me with my little umbrella, my TV tray, but instead of lemonade, I’m selling Diet Coke for 25 cents per cup because I ran out of lemonade!”

If you cold have an unlimited supply of something, what would it be?
“Free time! I don’t have much of that lately.”

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