Tamara Braun (Carly) and Alicia Leigh Willis (Courtney)
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What were your first impressions of each other?
Braun: “I saw Alicia’s work before I met her. I was in my room with Ron Hale [Mike] watching [the monitor]; we knew that she was stepping into this big storyline, so we were like, ‘We hope this girl can act.’ So, we’re watching, and Ron and I were like, ‘Damn, this girl can act!’ I don’t remember the first time we met.”
Willis: “I don’t either. Our characters didn’t like each other at first, so we didn’t really know each other that well. But I also thought she was a really good actress. I had seen the original Carly, Sarah Brown, so I was impressed that Tamara came in and kicked some serious ass.”

What led you to develop a friendship?”
Braun: “It started happening slowly. We would go to lunch at the commissary and then go out to lunch. At the fan-club weekend, we started getting closer. Our families met. I swear, my family is like, ‘Oh Alicia!’ every time she’s on TV. “We love her.’ So, that’s when it kind of started.”
Willis: “I think it was better that way because we really got to know each other. It’s more of a real friendship.”
Braun: “Yeah, it is. I think we were both a bit protective of ourselves because …”
Willis: “… in this business, you have to be. And I finish her sentences [laughs]!”

What is your favorite thing about each other?
Braun: “Alicia is so warm and bubbly and sweet and good. She has a great sense of humor; slightly wicked. She has a very good heart, and you can tell that. [To Willis] Top that [laughs]!”
Willis: “I think Tamara, more than anyone, welcomed me so much. She made me feel like part of the family. I can always confide in her. If there’s ever anything wrong, she the first person I go to here.”

Are you glad that your characters are now friends?
Bruan: “So happy about that. She’s Sonny’s sister, first of all, so there’s a reason for Carly to want to be close because she wants Sonny and Courtney to be close. And they’re sisters-in-law, so it’a nice opportunity to form a friendship.”
Willis: “They need each other, in a way. They’re surrounded by all this danger so to have another girl around to confide in is nice. They’re like sisters.”
Braun: “They are sisters, but on more of a soulful level now, which is nice because that’s kind of how I feel about Alicia. She’s like a little sister.”
Willis: “Awww!”