Up Close and Personal
The Gift of Giving

When it comes to getting to the heart of matters, Alicia Leigh Willis (Courtney) credits the Jason/Courtney fans – who refer to their fave GENERAL HOSPITAL pairing as “Journey” – for taking the ball and running with it. “The Journey fans got together, collected money for my birthday and then donated it in my name to the Alzheimer’s Association,” says Willis, who has made the organization her charity of choice. “That was one of the most thoughtful things my fans have ever done. It meant a lot.” Explaining her connection to the cause, the actress says, “My grandfather suffered from Alzheimer’s and passed away six months ago. I remember I did my first charity event, FAMILY FEUD, when he was still alive, and I wanted to give [the winnings] to Alzheimer’s research. That’s how it got started for me. Now all the money I raise is for them. My grandfather would have been just as touched as I am that my fans wanted to help too.”

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